Episode 32: Understanding the Costs of Solar & Battery Technology with Dana Hajedemos and Toner Kersting

Apr 25, 2023

In this episode:

Join host Curtis Lawson and experts Dana Hajedemos and Toner Kersting for this episode as they discuss solar panels and battery storage. Discover key considerations in designing a solar power system, including costs, performance optimization, and meeting your home’s specific needs. Get practical advice to confidently navigate the decision-making process and make informed choices about harnessing solar energy for your home.

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Guest: Dana Hajedemos
Business Title: Founder & Solar Designer
Company: Kyma Consulting LLC
Kyma is a B2B Company

Guest: Toner Kersting
Business Title:
Building Performance Specialist
Toner Home Matters
Website: https://www.tonerhomematters.com/

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About our Guests:

Dana Hajedemos is a solar designer with a background in Chemical Engineering. After spending some time designing for a solar firm, she decided to move into freelance design and eventually started her own firm. She is based in Austin, Texas and does thousands of designs for various solar companies, electric contractors and companies like Toner Home Matters. Toner and Dana have been working together in the industry for over six years and she is his solar design go to girl! 

Toner Kersting owns the merger of Building Forensics, Energy and Sustainability Planning and Home Performance. It is the proper, holistic and modern part of the home design process.  Toner Kersting, the founder of Toner Home Matters and is an expert in energy efficiency for residential home building.

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