Take the stress out of your construction project

Shepherd Construction Advisors provides consulting, project management, and owner’s representation for residential construction projects.

Does the thought of Building a Custom home stress you out?

Construction projects are often full of delays, disappointments, and lots of questions: What is the time frame REALLY like?  What’s taking so long?  Why does the price keep going up? How do I choose an architect or contractor?  Should I try to manage things on my own to save money?  Will this choice increase the resale value?  Building a custom home or managing a home renovation can be completely overwhelming and usually this leads to one of two things:

  1. You research and read anything on the Internet you can find but don’t really know how to vet the information.
  2. You take your builder’s word for it when they unfortunately don’t always have your best interests in mind.

WE’re on your side.

The Shepherd Construction Advisors team has more than 3 decades of experience in the construction industry. We use this knowledge and experience to work alongside clients like you to eliminate the stress of building or renovating a home. We work solely with YOUR goals in mind, which means you have an experienced partner and friendly face in your corner throughout the entire process.

Get What You Want

When it comes to building a home, our advisors help make sure you get exactly what you envisioned, and we’ll help keep your budget and schedule in check.

Delivered On Time

Unplanned and unexpected delays are often part of the home building process. Shepherd Construction Advisors can help manage all the parties involved in a complex project and guide you through the decisions that need to be made to keep your project running in the desired timeframe.

The First Time

We’ve spent years in the construction business. From remodels to major additions to new construction, Shepherd Advisors knows to communicate your vision to your construction team to make sure it’s right the first time so you avoid costly change orders and schedule delays.


Shepherd Construction Advisors uses our collective experience as custom home builders to come alongside our clients to provide guidance, recommendations, troubleshooting, and answer questions about your project your active or potential project.


Need an advisor or advocate for a complex project?  Shepherd Advisors will act as your representative from pre-design to finished construction. This means we will advise you on key decisions and represent you during the entire construction process. Having a representative can also very helpful if you are building out of state or dealing with multiple properties at once.


When building a custom home things might not always go according to plan. There are vendors and subcontractors often in the mix, and less face it–mistakes can happen. Our vast experience in the custom home construction business has helped us develop expertise and insight that can be leveraged during the litigation process if the need arises. 

If you are a construction attorney, mediator, or arbitrator we want to help support your cases. 

Disaster Consulting

You already know that hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, windstorms, earthquakes, and fires are unfortunately becoming commonplace problems for homeowners. You also know that every major event is followed by an onslaught of contractors soliciting for remodeling and repair business, as well as the back and forth with your insurance company. Shepherd Construction Advisors is an advocate in your corner. We can evaluate what is really needed, help select contractors, review budgets and scopes of work, and consult with you on how to best manage your construction needs.


Schedule a consultation

Let’s discuss your project and your pain points, so we can determine how we can best help you get across the finish line.

Put our advisors to work

We’ll start right away with a plan to work with your construction team and builder.

Enjoy Your Dream Home

You’ll enjoy a minimum stress construction process and be settled in your dream home before you know it.