Episode 31: The Costs of Historic Home Renovations with Kevin Dahlstrand and Toner Kersting

Apr 21, 2023

In this episode:

In the latest episode of Your Project Shepherd Podcast, we dive into this topic with Architect Kevin Dahlstrand and returning guest Toner Kersting. They share their wealth of experience and expertise on how to approach remodeling historic homes in a cost-efficient and respectful manner.

In this engaging episode they explain importance of embracing the fact that you’re working with a piece of history and respecting its original design and performance standards. They discusses why asking a historic structure to outperform or be designed beyond its original intent can lead to costly consequences, and how building the right team is crucial to achieving successful outcomes.

From understanding the intricacies of historic structures to assembling a skilled team and proper planning, Curtis, Toner and Kevin provide invaluable insights and expert advice on navigating the complexities of remodeling historic homes. Whether you’re a homeowner, contractor, or simply interested in the world of historic homes, this episode is a must-listen.

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Guest: Kevin Dahlstrand
Business Title: Founder & Architect
Company: Dahlstrand Architecture
Website: https://dahlstrandarch.com/

Guest: Toner Kersting
Business Title:
Building Performance Specialist
Toner Home Matters
Website: https://www.tonerhomematters.com/

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About our Guests:

Kevin Dahlstrand is an experienced architect with a passion for residential design and construction. With over 25 years of practice in central Houston, Kevin believes that architects play a pivotal role in making a project truly great by applying their design expertise and problem-solving skills at every phase of work. He sees himself as a conduit for homeowners, guiding them through the process and helping to transform their ideas and dreams into reality.

Kevin’s love for modern architecture has been a driving force throughout his design education and career. However, he has also developed a deep appreciation for renovation and uncovering the hidden treasures that existing structures hold. He aims to offer the best possible solutions for future homes by focusing on these two areas of expertise. Building relationships with homeowners and creating meaningful residential spaces are what Kevin finds most rewarding in his field.

Toner Kersting owns the merger of Building Forensics, Energy and Sustainability Planning and Home Performance. It is the proper, holistic and modern part of the home design process.  Toner Kersting, the founder of Toner Home Matters and is an expert in energy efficiency for residential home building.

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