Episode 29: The Costs of Construction Disputes with Karalynn Cromeens of The Cromeens Law Firm

Apr 14, 2023

In this episode:

In this episode of Your Project Shepherd, host Curtis Lawson sits down with Karalynn Cromeens (The Cromeens Law Firm) to discuss the costs of litigation, mediation, arbitration, and how to navigate issues that can lead to construction disputes. Karalynn has expertise in the construction industry and shares valuable insights on how to avoid expensive problems on your custom home build project.
Don’t let construction disputes take a toll on your emotions, time, and wallet. Tune in now to learn more!

About our Guest: Karalynn Cromeens is a published author, devoted leader, and seasoned managing partner with over 17 years of experience practicing construction, real estate, and business law. As the Owner and Managing Partner of The Cromeens Law Firm, PLLC, Karalynn has successfully filed over a thousand lawsuits related to mechanic’s liens and foreclosures, and has grown her firm at a tremendous rate while serving as a mentor to several employees. Her extensive experience within the construction and real estate industries has made her a trusted advisor for clients seeking innovative legal strategies and services to protect their rights. Karalynn is also passionate about educating and informing subcontractors, which led her to write books, host her own rapidly growing construction education podcast called “Quit Getting Screwed,” and create The Subcontractor Institute. With her dedication to her clients and mission to empower subcontractors, Karalynn has established herself as a leader in the construction law field.


Guest: Karalynn Cromeens
Business Title: Owner & Managing Partner
Company: The Cromeens Law Firm, PLLC
Website: https://thecromeenslawfirm.com/

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