Episode 26: Expert Advice on Spring/Summer Home Maintenance: Erich Kleine Talks Costs and Checklists

Apr 4, 2023

In this episode:

Learn about the importance of home maintenance costs in this episode with Erich Kleine and Curtis Lawson. They go through Goodsmith’s Spring and Summer checklists and compare retail, DIY, and professional service costs for maintaining your home. Keep your home performing at its peak with these must-do tips. 

Stay tuned for the Fall & Winter checklists and a cost-analysis on the next episode!

About our Guest: A high-end homebuilder, Erich Kleine, co-founded Goodsmith which is built on the belief that everyone should have a simple, dependable way to take care of their space.

They only work with the best-in-class, vetted specialists. They put professionalism into practice by valuing your time as much as we do your home and they leverage their combined 40+ years of industry relationships and scale to pass exclusive prices along to our members.

It’s a new way of approaching home care, and it’s one he believes in, because he knows the relationship you build with your home sets the foundation for your days.


Guest: Erich Kleine
Business Title: Co-Founder
Company: Goodsmith Home Care and Repair
Website: https://www.mygoodsmith.com/

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