EP 49 | Expert Tips for Sustainable Landscaping with Kyle Cahill of Grow & Company

Sep 8, 2023

In this episode:

In this episode, we delve into the crucial role of landscaping for homeowners and its impact on your home’s performance. Landscaping is often seen merely as an aesthetic endeavor, but these experts are here to enlighten you about its profound impact on your home and how you can ensure it is a positive one. Join Curtis Lawson and Toner Kersting as they sit down with Kyle Cahill, TCLP for a unique and innovative perspective on approaching landscaping.

Kyle is Founder + Horticulturalist at Grow & Company and his expertise and diverse experiences, coupled with his unique and evolving perspective on holistic landscaping, are at the heart of this conversation. Together, they explore strategies for preserving natural diversity while integrating native and well-adapted materials into your landscape.

Discover how making informed choices about plants and design can significantly impact your home’s performance. Gain valuable tips on preventing issues such as foundation movement and optimizing water consumption in your landscape.


  • Impact of landscaping
  • High-performance homebuilding
  • Landscaping as a project priority
  • Landscaping for resiliency
  • Smart irrigation technology
  • Native lawns and their challenges
  • Artificial turf
  • Water conservation
  • Drought-tolerant plant identification

Tune in for insights on making lawns more practical and sustainable, aligning them with your landscape goals, and reducing their environmental footprint.


Guest: Kyle Cahill, TCLP
Business Title: CEO/Founder & Horticulturalist
Company: Grow & Co. Landscaping
Website: https://growandcotexas.com/

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About Our Guest: 

Kyle Cahill, TCLP is a dedicated green industry professional and entrepreneur with a passion for landscaping. He is the founder and owner of Grow and Company, a landscaping business committed to excellence in every aspect of its work. Kyle’s journey in the green industry began in 2008, and he ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing Grow and Company in 2016, based in Houston, Texas.

What sets Kyle and his company apart is their unwavering focus on landscaping. Unlike some companies that diversify into various outdoor services, Grow and Company specializes in landscape maintenance, design, construction, irrigation, and drainage. Their philosophy is clear: they want to be the best at what they do and deliver exceptional results to their clients.

Kyle and his team are subject matter experts in their field, with a deep understanding of landscaping principles, irrigation systems, plant health care, and soil preparation. They take pride in their ability to provide clients with knowledgeable answers and high-quality work, ensuring that every project they undertake is a testament to their expertise.

Kyle Cahill’s dedication to excellence, commitment to specialization, and passion for landscaping make him a standout figure in the green industry. His story and expertise serve as an inspiration to those who value the artistry and precision of landscaping. Thank you, Kyle, for sharing your insights and experiences with us on the episode.

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