EP 47 | HVAC Performance and Installation Issues with Lee Kurtas of High Performance Home Systems

Aug 25, 2023

In this episode:

In light of the scorching temperatures outside, we bring you a much-needed conversation about HVAC performance and installation issues.

Joining Curtis Lawson and Toner Kersting for this timely topic is HVAC expert Lee Kurtas (President at High Performance Home Systems). Lee’s broad expertise in HVAC, spray foam insulation, building science, and legal consulting offers a unique perspective for this educational exchange that you don’t want to miss!

This light and entertaining conversation delivers useful information that will help you understand how your HVAC system is functioning in your home and how to avoid common mistakes and problems that can lead to failures. We dig into the common misconceptions about AC systems, HVAC systems not working properly, major issues caused by improper installation or design, correct equipment selection tips, and much more!

About Our Guest: 

Lee Kurtas, President of High Performance Home Systems grew tired of seeing people move into homes that weren’t functioning properly and decided to learn more about building science and performance. Once he had a good grasp on how the building performance functioned in relation to HVAC and insulation, he decided to start his company. 

High Performance Home Systems is the top heating and cooling contractor for Houston Texas. They carefully design your home for comfort from insulating your dream home, new home complete air conditioning, ductwork and insulation, or upgrading your ac system in your lived-in and much-loved family home. 

High Performance Home Systems was founded with desire to improve home comfort by providing HVAC services and insulation installations as our primary driver.

Service means customer service to them, service to the community, and service to the environment.


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Guest: Lee Kurtas
Business Title: President
Company: High Performance Home Systems
Website: https://highperformancehomesystems.com/ 

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