EP 46 | Energy Ogre Puts You Into the BEST Electricity Plan to Lower Your Energy Bills | Guest – Mike England

Aug 18, 2023

In this episode:

If you’re paying over $300 a month for your electricity, you’re likely overpaying!

In this episode we educate homeowners about a service that can help you save big on your electricity bill in Texas. Host Curtis Lawson is joined by Mike England from Energy Ogre to discuss the BEST way to save money on your electricity bill and it’s not what you would expect!

Energy Ogre is a pioneering managed residential electricity platform that guides homeowners through the complex energy market, ensuring the best electricity plan is chosen. We explore how Energy Ogre helps consumers find the best electricity plan to maximize savings. From evaluating demand profiles to running them against supply profiles, Energy Ogre analyzes your usage and compares plans from different providers, taking the guesswork out of finding the most cost-effective energy plan for you.

With Energy Ogre’s revolutionary approach, they have helped save nearly $250 million for customers and with rising energy costs. Learn about Energy Ogre’s dedication to helping the elderly and economically disadvantaged, and their vision to make an impact specifically in those communities.

If you are looking to lower your energy bill tune in now or you can head straight over to their website to sign-up!

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Guest: Mike England
Business Title: 
Vice President
Energy Ogre
Website: https://www.energyogre.com/

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About Our Guest:

At Energy Ogre, they believe in Texas’ deregulated electricity market, and its power to save an informed consumer money.

Energy Ogre, born in 2013, champions the potential of Texas’ deregulated electricity market to save savvy consumers money. Disturbed by confusing pricing tactics and overwhelming plan options that hindered the market’s promise, Energy Ogre emerged to empower Texans. With a wealth of experience in the electricity sector predating deregulation, its experts craft a fairer system. By developing innovative technology to predict energy usage and analyze myriad rate offers, Energy Ogre ensures consumers find the most financially sensible choice. Committed to equity, the Houston-based team embodies diversity while striving to rectify the disconnect between deregulation’s intent and consumer reality.


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