EP 44 | Home Inspections | Uncovering the Common Issues that Lead to Building Performance Failures with Gordon Fox

Aug 4, 2023

In this episode:

Join host Curtis Lawson and co-host Toner Kersting, alongside special guest Gordon Fox, President of Fox Residential Services Group, as they shed light on the crucial role of home inspections and common issues uncovered, from roof to foundation. In the construction industry, there is a prevailing perception that home inspectors are seen as adversaries by builders, often leading to intentional avoidance of inspections in order to evade accountability, but this perception must be dispelled, and a collaborative approach should be embraced to ensure the homeowner’s best interests are prioritized, promoting thorough verifications and quality assurance across the board.

This conversation is all about helping you better understand the importance of thorough inspections and the differences between inspectors, so you can confidently navigate your home buying or building journey. We will be discussing the different types of home inspections and what to look for during your next inspection, and highlight some common issues that can lead to building performance failures. Discover why home inspections should be an integral part of the process and how they contribute to a successful project.

At Shepherd Construction Advisors we firmly believe in upholding a collaborative approach with our projects and we have partnered all of the inspectors that we have featured as guests on this show, to ensure meticulous inspections and quality control so that the homeowner’s interests are safeguarded and the construction process stays on track. The goal should always be that the client (homeowner) gets the product they deserve! TRUST BUT VERIFY✅

Don’t miss this engaging episode where we equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your biggest investment. 

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About Our Guest: 

Meet our esteemed guest, Gordon Fox, the co-founder of Fox Inspection Group. Established in 1989 alongside his wife, Lesley Fox, the company started as a single inspector endeavor but has since grown to encompass multiple inspectors and office staff.

The secret to their success lies in a simple philosophy: treating home buyers like family. By putting themselves in their clients’ shoes, they have built lasting relationships, with the majority of clients being past clients, their family members, close friends, or associates. Their dedication to providing peace of mind, one home at a time, has earned them the trust of Realtors, their family, and close friends. Join us on the podcast to learn from Gordon’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of home inspections.

Guest: Gordon Fox
Business Title: President & Owner
Company: Fox Residential Services Group
Website: https://www.foxinspectiongroup.com/

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