EP 42 | Building Performance Failures: Debunking the Insulation Myth

Jul 21, 2023

In this episode:

Join hosts Curtis Lawson and Toner Kersting with special guest Shadrick Wall, Co-Founder and COO of First Defense Insulation, in our latest episode. We explore the critical role of insulation in the building envelope and debunk foam insulation misconceptions. Discover how structural deficiencies are often due to misapplication, not the foam itself. We shed light on the foam industry’s misinformation and stress considering existing homes’ complexity when using foam insulation—factors like cooking habits and cultural practices impact its performance. We explore situations where foam may not be suitable, such as specific roof pitches or historic buildings, prompting the need for alternative insulation methods.

Our seasoned experts in this field, Toner and Shadrick, share their stories of assessing projects gone awry due to improper spray foam application. Learn why choosing the right spray foam company is vital for your home’s health and functionality. We reveal that a home is a living organism, where following plans is just one part of proper functionality. Gain valuable insights to make informed decisions for your custom home aspirations.

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About Our Guest: 

Shadrick Wall, the COO and co-founder of First Defense Insulation, with over two decades of experience and expertise in the cellulose insulation industry. A passionate team player, Shadrick is dedicated to growing small businesses and brings persistence, a strong voice, and a commitment to tackling issues head-on. When he’s not in the office, he enjoys spending time on the golf course, and his operational acumen gives customers peace of mind, knowing they have chosen the right company for their project, as he always follows through on his promises.


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Guest: Shadrick Wall
Business Title: Co-Founder & COO
Company: First Defesnse Insulation
Website: https://fdinsulation.com/




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