EP 38 | Building Performance Failures – The Building Envelope with Toner Kersting

Jun 23, 2023

In this episode:

Join host Curtis Lawson as he sits down with Toner Kersting, a Building Performance and Energy Efficiency Expert, to talk about one of the major reasons behind building performance failures.

Discover the hidden truth that lies within the building envelope, the crucial barrier between the indoor and outdoor environments. Toner and Curtis delve into the world of custom home building, emphasizing the critical role of carefully designing and maintaining the building envelope. As the complexity of building design increases and energy efficiency takes the spotlight, understanding this concept has never been more vital.

Prepare yourself for an engaging discussion filled with captivating stories about the repercussions of taking shortcuts. Learn why cost-cutting decisions without considering the implications can wreak havoc on the functionality of your home. Don’t let your custom home aspirations turn into a nightmare – gain the knowledge you need to make informed decisions and build with confidence.

About Our Guest: 

Toner Kersting owns the merger of Building Forensics, Energy and Sustainability Planning and Home Performance. It is the proper, holistic and modern part of the home design process.  Toner Kersting, the founder of Toner Home Matters and is an expert in energy efficiency for residential home building.

Guest: Toner Kersting
Business Title: 
Toner Home Matters
Website: https://www.tonerhomematters.com/


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